Invoice Utility (Demo)

WARNING – This is still a work in progress!!!

Please note that you must register your members both to Badminton Ireland (here) and to Cork County Badminton Association. Once you have registered the players to Badminton Ireland you can use the export tools provided to download a csv file of all your actively registered players.

For example; from the Badminton Ireland ‘playerDB’, you will see an Exports tab – there you can export your ‘Active Members per date‘;

When you export your members you may need convert the ‘*.xlsx’ file to ‘*.csv’ file that can be consumed by this web application. This is relatively simple to do, see here for more. The reason for the conversion is that there is a bug on the Badminton Ireland website that exports to xlsx even though you may have requested csv. This bug is outside of our control!

With the csv file of your active members in hand you can upload it to the tool below to create an invoice for Cork County Badminton Association.